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Along the banks of the Neshannock Creek in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania lays the most romantic spot for an intimate wedding ceremony, elopement, or engagement.  I love when I get phone calls from friends and family saying they have found great/gorgeous/off the beaten path/stunning locations. So when I got a call from my father late one afternoon asking, "What are you doing RIGHT now?" Since I couldn't drop everything and come see this location right away, he gave me the directions and off I went a couple days later. It was love at first sight... literally. From the drive in, past the cabin with the little bird houses all lined up in a row, then on past the little "trail" sign to the trees along with creek, goodness I was smitten!

The inspiration for this shoot were the beautiful Sycamore trees, with their gray, pinkish and tan bark, along with the way the sun sets, highlighting them with coppery light.  Jill, from Vintage Vogue made the best use of that with a lovely chipped kitchen table, a fun picnic, a donut dessert tray, and a Moscow Mule bar. Also included were Zinnia's, fresh cut from a local flower grower in clear and brown antique jars in an assortment of sizes.  Her choice of chandelier with votive's hanging around the tree enhanced, rather than competed with the rock wall across the creek for a great ceremony location.  The combination of the magic of candlelight, the soothing bubbling sound of the creek, and the birds chirping, the scene was set perfectly.

Creekside showcases the best of the natural beauty that the Rust Belt Region has to offer.  Just minutes from New Wilmington's beautiful B&B's, this location has everything you could want: fly fishing, beautiful scenic views, main street shopping, a rustic cabin, bed & breakfasts, and great dining options.   

Photography by:  Tami Weingartner

Copy editing by Morgan Kohler

Styling, Event Rentals, Pop-Up Weddings:  Vintage Vogue Furnishings

Location:  A Creekside Cabin

Donuts:  Apple Castle

Jacket (His):  Banana Republic

Shoes (His):  Born

Skirt (Hers): Anthropologie

Honey: Hillcrest Apiaries

1820 House Candle Co.

1820 House Candle Co.

Cedar Farm Inn

Cedar Farm Inn